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Deeply Knowing Each Other

One of the typical uses of VESS is sharing among individual VOXELs. Let's say, for example, that today you have connected with someone you have never met before on Twitter. You don't yet know what kind of personality they are, nor can you imagine what kind of background they have.

What if you had enough VOXELs in VESS that you could easily send them a link to your VOXELs using VESS's Share function, so you could learn about them and they could learn about you and your background?

If you don't have time to look at each of their VOXELs, VESS's visualization protocol allows you to get a quick idea of what kind of background they have. For example, if there are a lot of blue VOXELs, he is an "engineer". If there are many purple VOXELs, he is probably an "NFT artist. If there are more VOXELs with small cubes inside, he is someone with a more reliable career.

Thus, if you are an individual, you can learn more about someone you just met through VESS's easy sharing function and visualization protocol.

VOXELs are Your Own CV

Another way to use VESS is that your VOXELs are themselves your CVs. If you are looking for a job or have an interview at a DAO or organization, you can share your VOXELs with the DAO or organization management in the same way as described above to let them know about your background without having to create a special resume each time. Furthermore, since VOXELs are like a reference-checked CV, they can be presented with more credibility than a traditional paper resume.

🔰 Tutorial of Sharing VOXELs

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