Self-Sovereign Work Credentials

VESS uses the Ceramic Network to create the self-sovereign work history by storing it, previously siloed and closed within services and platforms, in the decentralized storage tied to an individual's DID. It then works as composable data that can be shared and referenced on any platform.

pageWork Credential Data-Model

Visualized Identity

One of the unique points of VESS is that identities are visualized. By visualizing, you can intuitively understand what kind of person other ones are. Also, by visualizing information that is part of yourself, you can observe yourself objectively, and you may notice things about yourself that you were not aware of, or find the person you should be aiming for.



In the future, functions such as VOXEL generation, reference, and sharing will be easily composable to external services and platforms via SDK/API provided by VESS.

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