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VESS is now beta version.

Self-Sovereign Work Credentials Protocol

VESS is the Self-Sovereign Work Credentials Protocol built on top of Ceramic Network, a decentralized data network protocol. Users can own and manage all of their work data(called "work credential") by attaching them to their DIDs and carry them around without being restricted to a specific platform, organization, or blockchain.
Each work data is visualized as a colorful VOXEL, which is a 3D cube with a different appearance and color depending on the type of achievement (e.g., job title, rewards, deliverables, etc.). As these Voxels accumulate, the user's experiences and achievements are gathered like particles to form the user's unique identity.
All your works in everywhere can be tied to your DID and owned by you.

Getting Started


You can easily try VESS along with a tutorial below.

Learn More

▶︎ If you want to read about VESS concept, please refer to this page.
▶︎ If you want to know how VESS works, you can learn the overview of VESS system briefly with a link below.
▶︎ If you are interested in VOXEL appearance, please click below.

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