What's VOXEL?

VOXEL is a single visualized Work Credential. Your work credential, stored in distributed storage, is represented as a colorful 3D cube on the VESS application.

In other words, the VOXEL is the smallest unit of your entire work history.


VOXEL is visualized based on several properties in Work Credential. The properties are as follows in the beta version

  • Presence of deliverables

  • Presence of signatures of both Sender and Receiver

  • Job titles

And as shown in the table below, "Presence of deliverables" corresponds to "Presence of internal cube" in VOXEL, "Presence of signatures on both sides" corresponds to "Vividness" in VOXEL, and "Job titles" corresponds to "Hue".

In the future, we plan to change the look and feel depending on the rewards for the work, the validation of the deliverables, and the platform on which the escrow took place.

If you want to know more detail about the job titles-Hue correspondence, please refer to below.

Visualization Protocol v0.1


VOXEL not only shows job titles it was by its appearance, but also allows you to see the level of trust in the work. Based on the presence or absence of deliverables and the signatures of both the Sender and Receiver, the trust map looks like the following.

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