Create your first VOXEL

Here, we explain how to create your first VOXEL.

1. Connect your wallet

As same as other dApps, you need to connect your wallet at first.

Currently, Ethereum mainnet and Polygon mainnet are supported.

2. Scroll down the screen

Please scroll down your screen, then you can see your VOXELs. If you have no VOXEL yet, such this screen below would be displayed.

3. Move to the transactions tab

Press "Transactions" on the navigation rail and move to your transactions list.

4. Select a transaction and fill your work detail

Select a transaction in transactions list and fill its detail of work like below.

5. Press the Create Button

At last, press the create button at right bottom of your selected transaction card.

🎉 Your first VOXEL has been created!! 🎉

If the VOXEL is created successfully, it would be visualized like this. On upper screen! Congrats ⭐

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