Dework Integration

This function is still in beta
You can easily issue work credentials from completed tasks on Dework. Here is how to do it.

Connect your Dework Account

First, Make sure you have connected the metamask to Dework. You can check it on your setting page on Dework.
Open VESS, and enter your Dework username.
your dework profile page
VESS profile
Enter your Dework username

Pick your works to issue credential

Once your Dework account is connected successfully, you will see a list of your completed tasks. Select the task for which you want to issue credentials and press the "Issue Credential" button.
pick and issue credentials
Tasks that do not have a skill property set on Dework cannot be issued as a credential on VESS. In that case, please set one genre before issuing credentials.
select genre
That's it! It will take a little time, but please stay tuned. If successful, your task will be issued as Work Credentials. Congratulations!