How does it work

Work Credential

VESS stores work credentials in Ceramic Network's DID Datastore. work credentials consist of the data model, which includes wallet addresses of a client and a worker, as well as the details of the work (task, genre, amount, etc.).

In addition, the trustworthiness of the data can be enhanced by adding a link to the deliverable (URL) or the deliverable data (stored in IPFS). (Recommended)

To ensure the trustworthiness of the data, the Work Credential contains signatures signed with the respective private keys of a payer and a payee of the transaction, so that by verifying the signatures of a payer and a payee, a third party can determine if the work credential is correct.

How to issue work credential?

There are 3 main ways for users to issue work credentials.

1. Issue from an existing transaction

To issue a Work Credential from an existing FT or NFT transaction, select the transaction from the VESS website, enter the deliverables and other work data, and sign the transaction. The other party to the transaction (would be the payee if you are the payer) signs the transaction, and the work credential is issued.

( NFT transactions are limited to NFTs related to jobs, evaluations, etc. This feature is currently under development. )

2. Issue at the same time as payment (currently under development)

When making an on-chain payment, you can issue a work credential by inputing work data such as deliverables at the same time. In that case, a work credential is the so-called delivery note / receipt.

3. Third party acts as Issuer and issues Work Credential (currently under development)

DAO or a specific organization acts as Issuer and issues Work Credential, which is similar to Verifiable Credential.

Decentralized Database

Work credentials are stored in the Ceramic Network, so anyone can access them.

Currently, all work credentials are public, but in the near future the VESS team plans to implement a system to encrypt data that users do not want to make it public.

In addition, VESS team plans to build a decentralized database of work credentials. We would like to build a marketplace where users can sell the right to refer their work credential data to the clients.

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